Their Stellar Highnesses

Greetings from Their Highnesses, Jason and Margherita, Prince and Princess of Ansteorra! Read more...

From Their Highnesses

Greetings to the Populace of Ansteorra!

We are excited and humbled by the adventure ahead of us. Ansteorrans have brought immense joy to our lives over the years. We now have the distinct privilege and opportunity to return the favor.

Prince Jason Dryfesdale

His Highness's Persona

His Highness (Persona) hails originally from the isle of Mann and fought along side Bróðir and Óspak of Man. As part of a combined Irish and Viking force they, together, conquered Brian Boru, high King of Ireland, during the Battle of Colntaif near Dublin, Ireland. With in the Society He is a Centurion, former King's Champion and Knight of the Realm. He prefers all things viking but will gladly accept gifts of itallian origin on Her Highness's behalf.

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Princess Margherita de Mantua

Her Highness's Persona

Born to a wealthy Venetian merchant family, Her Highness was educated at the famous girls only school in Mantua near Venice. In 1525, Her Highness resides still in Venice and is best known for her prowess with the bow but, possibly due to her Venetian roots, is a great lover of the fiber arts. She is a holder of the Iris of Merit, a companion to the Order of the Arc d'Or and the Order of the Star of Merit. She loves all things Italian but will gladly adorn herself in viking finery.

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His Highness's Preferences

His Highness's Likes

His Highness likes all things viking. He appreciates all kinds of bardic and performance arts.

  • Dried Meats
  • Sweet Meads
  • Sweet Ciders
  • Low Cost Energy Drinks

His Highness's Dislikes

His Highness will gladly offer any items that do not agree with Him to His entourage.

  • Liver or Grapefruit
  • Scotch or Gin
  • Most Sweets (candy, chocolate, etc.)

Her Highness's Preferences

Her Highness's Likes

Her Highness is especially fond of the color purple and anything that has a medieval style dragon on it. She is well known for Her prowess at the bow and the sewing needle.

  • Chicken, Pork, Turkey or Lamb
  • Various Cheeses and Fruits
  • Raw Veggies and Nuts
  • For Drinks: Bottled Water, Diet Mt Dew, Coke Zero and Sugar Free Red Bull
  • For Alcohol: Flavored Rum, Cinnamon Whiskey and Moscato

Her Highness's Dislikes

Her Highness dislikes few things but will gladly pass on any of these offerings to her entourage.

  • Fish
  • Liver


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